PR: Citizens Assaulted

PR: Irish Citizens Assaulted by Fianna Fail Members at Ard Fheis


Today Youth Defence interrupted the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis in a powerful call for the Toaiseach to put "people before politics." During Mr. Ahern's speech on tolerance, democracy and fair play for all citizens, Irish citizens were assaulted by members of Fianna Fail and subsequently arrested simply because they asked for a pro-life referendum. So much for fair play, democracy and free speech. address to party members at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis, concerned Irish citizens and members of Youth Defence called on the Taoiseach to give the people of Ireland their democratic right to vote in a pro-life referendum.

They were dragged to the side of the hall and assaulted by the Fianna Fail members there. Bertie Ahern, supposedly a leader of a democratic country, has silenced the voice of the Irish people. It is a denial of the wishes of a majority of the people of Ireland who again, and again, have asked for a referendum on abortion. Fianna Fail's response is to assault people making a peaceful protest.

This is one issue where the Irish people will not be silent. We will continue to demand the protection of our mothers and child from the horror of abortion.

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