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32 babies saved from abortion: let's keep reaching out in 2014

Some good news to share as we approach Christmas: 32 babies and mothers have been saved from abortion by pro-life volunteers working right on the frontline: at the abortion agency door in Dublin.

Despite the fact that the horrific and cruel abortion law was passed this summer, it hasn't held pro-life work back in the slightest and, in fact, the pro-life movement seems to have become more determined than ever.

Our work on the frontline interacting with the public with information stands continues - as does the mission of those volunteers reaching out to vulnerable women with better options than abortion. The fantastic news is that these pro-life efforts save lives.

The Gianna Care volunteers have been working particularly hard this year and we're delighted to share the amazing news that so far this year 32 babies have been saved from the horror of abortion. That's also 32 mothers who won't suffer the heart breaking physical and physiological side effects of abortion, because despite what the media and abortion providers want us to believe the truth is that abortion hurts women just as it kills babies.

Gianna Care volunteers will do everything they can to help women in crisis - providing a better answer than abortion. At present the figure is 32 babies saved for 2013 alone, but we can never really know how many lives the volunteers have touched. As many of you know 'Gianna Care' is a non profit organisation that is committed to giving mothers the support necessary when faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

The amazing volunteers work tirelessly at the clinic door - going right to the abortion agencies, such as Marie Stopes, where mothers are being sent to Britain to have their babies killed. Gianna Care offer support and compassion, and in their offices they provide real care: free ultrasounds, free medical care, maternity/baby equipment, post-abortion help and - incredibly - they manage a 24 hour help line.

Throughout the year there have been many beautifully moving stories of children saved: sharing these stories are probably the best way to share what amazing work Gianna Care does, they explain the wonderful support that was offered like baby clothes, blankets and even nappies, other stories tell of the lack of compassion mothers felt in the Marie Stopes' clinics and how they felt pressured into having an abortion.

Here is a story from a young women who met Gianna Care volunteers:

"I went to an abortion clinic in Dublin for a consultation and had my mind set on terminating the baby, even though I knew the decision would hurt me for the rest of my life. It was the easiest way out and I didn't really want to think twice about it. As I was about to enter the clinic I met two of the most important people in my life. I call them my angels, I deeply believe God sent them to comfort me, to show me love. I was so sad and vulnerable that when they gave me their time and attention, I embraced it wholeheartedly."

"They took me for coffee and listened to me and made me realize that I didn't have go through the pregnancy alone. I felt really comfortable with them, and I think it’s because I knew they were not judgmental. After the cup of coffee they introduced me to their friend who does the same work as them outside the clinic. They made me realize that there is support and resources out there for people in my situation and most importantly they were ready and willing to give me their friendships"

"Their friendships means the world to me. So they informed me about other options without making my decision for me. I ended up not going to the clinic. I went back home and I thought deeply about my decision to terminate the baby once again. I decided to keep the baby since I knew there was support and I made friends whom I knew would be there for me."

Congratulations to all involved with Gianna Care and to the whole Pro-Life movement who are committed to bringing Ireland back to Life! Here's to another year of saving babies in 2014!

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