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A major flop for pro-aborts: 10 days of inaction for abortion

Abortion campaigners launched 10 days of action for legal abortion recently to great media fanfare, with the Irish Times in particular rushing to give the proposed activities as much coverage as possible. The pro-abortion campaigners promised a packed schedule of activities, but most of those turned out to be a damp squib.

Street stalls either did not materialise or were poorly attended. Most embarrassing of all for the organisers was the dismal turnout for what was billed as a major rally in support of legalised abortion on March 4th.

The Action on X Rally was supported by SIPTU, ICTU and Unite - three major trade unions. It also had the support of the Union of Students in Ireland, the National Women's Council of Ireland, and was given widespread publicity in all the newspapers. 300-400 people showed up.

Clearly the unions do not have the backing of their memberships in supporting this campaign - and clearly the Irish people do not support these calls for legalised abortion.

In fact, turnout was so poor that even the always-reliable Irish Times didn't report on the Rally for X.

There is always a Better Answer than abortion - that what's we should, as a society, be working towards.

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