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Italian MEP challenges Council of Europe on Irish abortion push

Italian MEP Luca Volontè has challenged the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on imposing abortion in Ireland. Whilst Irish MEPs have stayed silent, Mr. Volontè, MEP with the Italian Group of the European People’s Party, has pointed out that the Irish people have rejected the legalisation of abortion three times.

He also noted that the ABC ruling has led to Ireland becoming the focus of an international campaign.

“The European Court of Human Rights affirmed several times that the European Convention does not contain a right to abortion but a right to life; the Court also specified that prenatal life is not excluded in principle from the scope of protection of the Convention and that it belongs to each State within its margin of appreciation to decide when life begins," he said.

According to Unite for Life, Mr Volontè has challenged the Committee of Minister saying that "it is obvious that the Convention system is being used in order to impose an obligation that was never part of the Treaty and that is moreover contrary to the original intention of its drafters?"

He asked "..how can a country be pressured to legalise abortion in the name of a Convention which does not enshrine a right to abortion?" and queried "does the Committee of Ministers envisage that such ultra vires practices may ultimately undermine the authority of the Council of Europe?"

The Italian MEP also pointed out that Ireland is among the safest countries in the world in respect of maternal services.

Unite for Life said that Ireland’s MEPs now need to speak out and support Mr. Volontè.


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