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Packed meetings urged to get 100,000 pledges for Life

Have you signed the pro-life pledge yet. If not please do so NOW at www.pledgeprolife.com, as it is crucial to stopping this abortion push?

A series of pro-life meetings held by the Youth Defence, the Life Institute and local groups in the past week have seen record attendances as the people rise up against the threat of legal abortion.

"We had a huge crowd in Cork and Dublin and packed rooms elsewhere, and people are totally committed to getting as many pro-life pledges signed as possible now that the Vigil for Life has been so successful," said Clare Molloy of Youth Defence.

She said that the pro-life pledge created by The Life Institute was vital to stopping abortion legislation and deserved the immediate attention of the Irish public.


The Life Institute agreed. "This pledge makes crucial points about abortion that the government cannot ignore," they said.

"First, the pro-life pledge is a clear statement to the government that the Irish people do not want abortion in their country. We have been told by the government that legislation for the X Case with grounds for suicide will not open the door to abortion on demand, but history proves them wrong. "

The pledge is also a reminder to Fine Gael that there are consequences if they break their pre-election promise of not legislating for abortion.

Each signature represents a vote the party will lose if abortion comes to Ireland.

Even after 30,000 people attended a Vigil for Life in Dublin, Taoiseach Enda Kenny says he will continue to legislate for abortion. Fine Gael needs to understand if they push for abortion, their constituency will begin to disappear.

The pledge makes this message very clear to the party.

The government is about to make a decision that will change the cultural landscape of Ireland forever. The pro-life pledge makes it known to the politicians that abortion is not wanted and the people must be heard.

Please make sure you've signed it today at www.pledgeprolife.com.

Get your friends and family to do the same.

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