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Abort 67: 'We show the reality of what BPAS does'

Last week the abortion agents, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service attacked the work of Abort 67, the pro-life group who are stirring a new debate about abortion in Britain, in the online newspaper, the Huffington Post.

This week the Huffington Post gave Andrew Stephenson of Abort 67 the right to reply, and he pointed out that abortion providers invariably cast accusations at pro-life activists to deflect from the reality of what happens inside every abortion clinic.

Mr Stephenson wrote: "As a BPAS employee, Cath Sutton's first priority will inevitably be to deflect attention from what they're doing by, in my opinion, lying about what we do."

"The photos Abort 67 uses, however, are accurate depictions of the results of what BPAS does to babies. Sutton and BPAS are frankly lying when they accuse us of shouting at or insulting women. We've never called anyone a murderer, we just let the photos speak for themselves. The photos are real, and raise the question: if what goes on in an abortion facility is so horrific that it has to be hidden at any cost, why do we tolerate it?" he continued.

The pro-life activist said that BPAS, Marie Stopes and others were earning millions from providing abortions, much it being paid by the taxpayer. "If BPAS were genuinely interested in women's health and well-being, they would be taking those millions of pounds and providing pre and postnatal medical care, maternity clothes and baby items, help with job training, babysitting so young girls can stay in school. Or helping the millions of desperate infertile couples to adopt a child," he wrote.

"But I forgot, this is all work that is already being done by the selfless volunteers in pro-life pregnancy care centres, the very same who are now being threatened with legal action by BPAS colleague Marie Stopes. There's money in abortion, and in spreading the abortionist ideology, and no profit in helping women," Mr Stephenson noted.

And he decried attempts to impose restrictive 'rules' on pro-life activists - pertinent, of course, to the Irish situation where we recently saw Labour and others try to censor the pro-life message.

"Of course abortion providers and supporters will tell lies to discredit Abort67. BPAS and its friends in the pro-abortion press want no significant opposition to abortion; but since that isn't working out so well, they are now trying to rig the game by imposing two sets of rules: a liberal set from which BPAS can benefit and a restrictive set by which Abort67 will be burdened."

"BPAS says that Abort67, for instance, should be permitted to state conclusions about abortion, but prohibited from proving the facts which compel those conclusions - especially if the proof involves abortion pictures. And Abort67 should be allowed to state those conclusions to voters and/or elected officials, but never to the mothers who are actually considering BPAS abortions.

"BPAS thinks it should be granted exclusive access to these mothers because they are too "vulnerable" to see the horror of the abortions to which BPAS wants them to submit," the pro-life leader wrote.

"Abort 67 is changing the debate from the meaningless slogan, "a Woman's Right to Choose!" to what is actually being chosen," he concluded.


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