Your car sticker could save a life!

Most of you will have received your pro-life window stickers before Christmas with one of two powerful pro-life messages to share with the world.

While it's been great to get all the cheery messages and photos of the stickers going mobile, some people don't put up their window sticker.   

If you haven't done so because you think it won't make any difference, this lovely story from Arklow might change your mind.

One of our volunteers had a pro-life sticker on his car for some time. Occasionally he would get positive comments, and sometimes a few negative remarks. He didn't give the sticker much thought and wondered if it was effective.

Then one day as he was getting into his car in Arklow town a woman stopped with a buggy. She told him that she was going to England for an abortion and she had passed by his car and seen the sticker, and she felt for the first time, a connection with her baby, and a realisation that abortion would kill her baby.   That's how the simplest action can sometimes achieve a momentous and amazing result - a connection that saves a baby's life.

Right now, we all need hope and, as the saying goes, 'it's better to light a candle than curse the Darkness'".

A similar and equally uplifting story was recently shared on Life News.

So, please, share the message. Be the change. Happy New Year. 

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