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"I never knew... I will fight this": young people respond to abortion photos

Abortion campaigners never want the reality of abortion revealed. They would prefer if the shocking truth about what abortion does to babies remains a well-kept secret.   But the truth is that if abortion is so horrific that we can't bear to look at, then why are we tolerating it? How can something be legal if it is too horrific for the public to see?   Some recent interactions on social media have reminded us of the ability of abortion photos to cut through media and abortion industry propaganda and to awaken the conscience of the people - particularly, it seems, of young people who are open to real information about this critically important issue.

 As one young woman posted on the YD Facebook page just this week:   " I was very naive when it came to abortion, not knowing the truth, it was not till I liked this page that I saw it what it was." She said she now knew abortion was " ..barbaric. I will never hate or judge any woman who has this done but ... after seeing how babies are cut up, ripped out, left to slowly die, I will fight the decision every way.."   "People need to see graphic pictures, need know how it's really done.," she said.

In Britain too, activists say that the courage of some pro-lifers is 'thawing a 40-year long pro-abortion ice-age in Britain'.   Hilary White of Life Site News reports that the use of photographs of aborted children has finally started the thaw, and that the images have been the key to opening the debate in the UK that has been tightly locked down in the media since abortion was made legal in 1967.

“This is the first time there has even been a debate,” Andy Stephenson of Abort 67 told LifeSiteNews.com. He said that abortion providers were panicking because "they’ve lost the monopoly on who’s providing the information, on who’s steering the discussion". With the images, Stephenson said, "We’ve taken control of the public discussion".


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