Adoption brings the gift of Life

November is International Adoption Month (World Adoption Day is 9 November) and it is a great chance to remember the great gift adoption is to so many families across the globe. Adoption is a wonderful life-affirming alternative to abortion and one that benefits children, birth mothers, and adoptive families.

It is, sadly, the case that, in some instances, biological mothers are unable to provide for their children for one reason or another. Adoption is an option that allows them to give their children a chance at a better life and a family the gift of a child. Adoption is one of the most loving and sacrificial choices a mother can make.

Photo credit: Mark Colomb and used under CC licence   Instead of attempting to force abortion into Ireland, pro-abortion politicians should be making the promotion of adoption a priority. Adoption is both pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-family.  Good adoption policies save women from regretting an abortion her entire and let her know that she made the right decision for her baby. They enable babies to live and grow and thrive. And they help families to become whole.   Adoption is a beautiful gift and something we should celebrate.  Happy International Adoption Month!

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