Babies saved in Irish 40 Days for Life outreach

This year, once again, volunteers from all around the world took part in the tremendous 40 Days for Life campaign. The campaign - which takes place in 23 countries on 6 continents - is a community based effort which works to show local communities the consequences of abortion through outreach, prayer, and fasting.   The centerpiece of this extraordinary effort is the vigil that pro-life volunteers hold day after day in front of abortion clinics or abortion referral centres. The volunteers visible presence is a sign for the women going in and, additionally, pray constantly for the mothers entering the facility, the innocent children at risk of being killed, and the clinic workers.

This year, Gianna Care, a pregnancy resource centre based in Dublin, devoted even more time to such outreach and took part in 40 Days for Life - offering help and support to abortion-minded women in Ireland. By standing outside Marie Stopes, their volunteers offered women a positive alternative to abortion and the offer to try and help eliminate the crisis but not the pregnancy.

GiannaCare’s outreach has saved hundreds of women and babies from abortion, and brought great comfort and joy to mothers in crisis.

Women contemplating abortion rarely feel as if they have a free choice in the matter.  When vulnerable women are faced with pregnancy- in addition to financial problems, family issues, and the prospect of being a young or single mother- abortion may seem like their only option. The volunteers at Gianna Care and all those taking part in 40 Days offer real choices and support that the abortion industry simply doesn’t.   

This year - through their prayers and activism- 40 Days for Life has saved at least 482 babies from abortion. Gianna Care and their incredible volunteers have received news of 5 confirmed saves in Dublin alone meaning that 5 women and their babies were saved from abortion, an act that would have killed one and hurt the other. Each and every one of those babies and their mothers deserved better than abortion. The world should be grateful to the pro-life volunteers who went out in all weather, facing scorn and abuse so that they could let them know that.

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