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Fathers 4 Justice Libel Victory over Cork Pro-Choice

Fathers’ rights advocates, Fathers 4 Justice, has achieved a libel victory over pro-abortion group Cork Pro-Choice, which was forced to withdraw allegations made, publicly apologise and pay €2000 to the group.   Fathers 4 Justice (a group with campaigns on behalf of fathers, children, and for men’s health issues) were triumphant over Cork Pro-Choice after it was determined that the pro-abortion group was guilty of libel in their attack on Fathers 4 Justice’s recent campaign.  Cork Pro-Choice has falsely accused Fathers 4 Justice of promoting domestic violence in their “Fatherhood begins at conception” campaign that has appeared on buses in Cork.  

The advertisement included an image of a father cradling a baby accompanied by the words “A father is for life not just conception.”  This ad highlights the loss of fatherhood and the powerlessness that men often experience when their children are aborted.   Cork Pro-Choice was compelled to issue a formal and public apology to Fathers 4 Justice wherein they admitted their wrongdoing and acknowledged that their libelous allegations were “wholly false, unwarranted, and defamatory”.

The abortion activists also paid €2000 in damages to Fathers 4 Justice in addition to covering the group’s legal costs.   At a time when abortion campaigners are openly bullying people on social media, it is encouraging to see that, in this instance, justice was served. False, hurtful, and defamatory claims should not go unchallenged. We must ensure that these bullying tactics are always called out and shown for what they truly are.


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