PR: Shocking report finds women at risk

Shocking report finds women at risk in Marie Stopes abortion clinics - will Irish media ensure women informed?


A shocking new report has found that Marie Stopes, Britain's largest abortion provider, was seriously failing to protect the safety of women and disposing of aborted babies in waste bins, just two of the findings made by inspectors amongst a litany of shocking and disturbing failures.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that one of the most disturbing findings in the report from the Care Quality Commission was the revelation that a woman with learning disabilities was to be allowed to have an abortion without fully understanding the procedure or consequences. "This is deeply shocking, and reveals a complete disregard for both mother and baby," she said. "How could anyone with a scrap of humanity or compassion do such a thing".
She called on the Irish media to make women aware of the report, and to ensure that women were aware of the risks they faced when being sent to Marie Stopes by referral agencies based in Ireland.
The inspections, which visited 12 Marie Stopes abortion clinics between April and August 2016 also found that:

Almost half of nurses in the abortion clinics had not been trained to do resuscitation.

Doctors were going off duty and leaving sedated women in the hands of nurses and healthcare assistants.

Safety incidents including medical blunders and equipment failures had increased by a third in a year.

Some vulnerable women did not understand the full consequences of the procedure they were about to undergo.

Risk of infection was exemplified by a case where aborted baby bodies were left in an “open hazardous waste bin” which was not emptied between cases.

Doctors were signing off up to 60 consent forms at a time instead of making the thorough assessment envisaged by the legal requirements of the Abortion Act.

The Care Quality Commission said it was particularly concerned about safety and the lack of training provided to staff, warning that patients were not protected from ‘avoidable harm’.
Ms Uí Bhriain said it was very obvious that selling abortion was the aim of these clinics, rather than caring for women. She added that it was "sickening" to read that the bodies of aborted babies were dumped in medical waste bins rather than being sealed for cremation.
She pointed out that Marie Stopes was a leader in the abortion business who received tens of millions from the British taxpayer each year.
"Clearly this speaks to the fact that this is an industry willing to overlook the safety and welfare of women, but the Irish media don't report this news. They refused to report fully on the death of an Irish woman who travelled to Marie Stopes for an abortion and bled to death in a taxi. They also refused to report on another woman who spent months in critical care in hospital after an abortion in the same Marie Stopes clinic.
Will the media break their silence now, or how many more women must be put at risk or even lose their lives before the reality of the horrific risks posed to both mother and baby in these taxpayer-funded abortion clinics are exposed?" she said.


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