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US lobby group attacks Ireland’s pro-life culture

This past week, the lawyer for a wealthy US abortion lobby group who took Ireland before the United Nations Human Rights Committee over our abortion laws, stated that the case would not be over until the Irish government complies with the UN’s recommendations and changed our abortion laws.

Currently the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law to the lives of both mothers and unborn children. Ireland’s ban on abortion has long being a focus for wealthy abortion pushers such as George Soros, and for well-funded US lobby groups.

Leah Hoctor is the regional director for Europe at the Centre for Reproductive Rights - a US-based group that advocates for abortion and which has an annual budget of approximately $30 million. She represented a woman who travelled to the UK from Ireland for an abortion after her unborn baby was diagnosed with a severe life limiting condition.  Ms. Hoctor now states that, although the Irish government has acknowledged the UN’s ruling, they have failed to enact the recommendations.

Ms. Hoctor stated, "The committee held that Ireland is obliged under international law to make full reparations to Amanda for the violation she suffered. This means it must remedy those violations, must pay compensation to her...and offer rehabilitation to her through psychological treatment. "(It also means) it must undertake law reform measures to ensure non-repitition of the violations Amanda endured." 

The Irish Examiner reports that the government has until December 6 to report back to the UN's Human Rights Committee about its abortion laws. Efforts by international groups to influence or dictate Ireland’s abortion laws have become far too frequent and increasingly contemptuous of national sovereignty. The United Nations, the Centre for Reproductive Rights, Amnesty International, Marie Stopes, Planned Parenthood, and others are all huge proponents of abortion and have devoted a tremendous amount of time and money to try and force Ireland to legalize the killing of unborn babies.

The Irish people had repeatedly rejected opening the door to abortion in our country.  Polls continue to show that the majority of Irish people are pro-life.  Yet the media, international organizations, and foreign donors continue to try and force Ireland to change a law that has saved more than 250,000 lives.

This behavior is bullying, pure and simple. Foreign activists should not be able to come in and try to coerce the Irish people into accepting a practice that we know to be cruel and inhumane.

The Irish people believe in the protection of human rights but we recognize that abortion is a violation of the most basic human right- the right to life.  Coercion and threats from abortion activists will not cause us to step back and stop protecting the most innocent in our society.

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