13 babies saved in January by Gianna Care

In just one month, 13 beautiful babies have been saved from abortion by the work of GiannaCare, a Dublin-based pregnancy counselling and care centre who are focused on reaching out to women right at the abortion referral clinic door.  In January just past, 13 mothers decided against abortion when they were offered the compassionate support offered by GiannaCare, who say that women and their babies deserve this support and care.  Volunteers with GiannaCare reach out to women who are often seeking abortion referral at Marie Stopes in fear and panic, and show them that there is a better life-affirming answer. 

"It has been a most blessed month, and all these 13 mothers are so glad that they didn't go for an abortion. Women look for abortion in fear and panic, and by offering them real help and support, by helping to see a way forward, the lives of 13 babies were saved this month, which is so uplifting and wonderful," they said.  "When women see their baby on ultrasound, or are helped in practical ways, or are assisted in a troubling or difficult situation, that changes everything." "We'll be there for these mothers and babies throughout their pregnancy and after baby is born. We cherish the friendships we've made in GiannaCare and are thankful for every mother and baby spared abortion."  To help GiannaCare with their amazing work, see more at http://giannacare.ie/donations.html


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