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Abortion Rights Campaign should apologise for “vile” comments about the late Peter Mathews

The Abortion Rights Campaign must immediately apologise for the “vile and abhorrent” comments made by their spokesperson Janet O’Sullivan about the late Peter Mathews, the Life Institute has said.

In a tweet this afternoon, Ms O’Sullivan, who has regularly represented the Abortion Rights Campaign on radio and television debates, as well as being a regularly cited spokesperson in ARC statements,  said: “I am glad he is dead”, referring to the former Fine Gael TD.

Ms. O’Sullivan went on to explain that the pro-life stances held by Mr. Mathews when he was a serving politician was the reason she was glad for his untimely passing. The later Peter Mathews was widely admired for his principled pro-life stand and for voting with his conscience against the party whip on the abortion issue. He passed away today after a battle with cancer.

Commenting, the Life Institute said: “There is no place in Irish public life for these kind of hateful, vile comments. The abortion debate is contentious, and passionate, and from time to time it is even ugly. But this is a new, and unacceptable, low.

“The Abortion Rights Campaign is part of the Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment which is one of the groups that will be addressing the Citizen’s Assembly this year. It considers itself as a leading player in the campaign to introduce abortion to Ireland, and has received funding from US billionaire George Soros. For an official spokesperson to make such hateful comments is completely disgusting.”

The Abortion Rights Campaign should apologise unreservedly for the distress and upset caused to Mr. Mathew’s family and friends by these hateful and vile words”.

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