Day 9 on hunger strike: Meet Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is now on his 9th day without food, and his fast against injustice has attracted huge attention to his mission, which is to ensure that legislators who are pushing to legalise abortion watch a video of the procedure.   His hunger strike outside the Dáil has attracted a steady stream of supporters, while his interviews and videos on social media have gone viral, with more than 150,000 organic views.   Watch Tim’s first video here:

Many people have been impressed by his media debates and by how he has presented his case in interviews. Tim’s fast against the injustice of abortion is calling for a ‘white flag’ response to end the horror of abortion.   WATCH Tim’s interview with Newstalk here:

So who is Tim Jackson? In an interview with Cork’s 96 FM last week, an aggressive interviewer and hostile callers trotted out the false and well-worn accusation that Tim and pro-life people don’t care about people after they are born. This is patently nonsense, since pro-life people are motivated by compassion and bring that same compassion to many other aspects of community and social endeavours, including initiatives with homeless people, people with disabilities and much more.

Last year, along with another member of Youth Defence, Tim spent one month in war-torn Syria helping families rebuild their shattered lives. Before that he helped build homes in the Central African Republic and has worked with homeless people in Ireland and abroad. This is a man who takes human rights seriously – which is why he is on hunger strike outside Dáil. A well-funded and media-backed campaign to destroy the human rights of preborn children is attacking the pro-life 8th amendment. Tim is standing for the right to life of every person.   WATCH his latest video here:

His campaign appears to be changing hearts and minds. Already the Chair of the Oireachtas Committee,  Senator Catherine Noone has written to Tim to say that she has watched the abortion video and that Leo Varadkar will do the same. Tim has called on the entire Committee to do the same.

On Day 8 , Tim acknowledges that his body is getting weak but he is determined to continue his fast against the injustice abortion.   WATCH: Tony Barry, disability rights activists with Tim at the Dáil 


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