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Family & Life joins forces with Life Institute and others in one National Life Canvass to retain 8th

Some great news for the Life Canvass, as another leading national pro-life organisation, Family & Life, have formally come on board to make this the biggest pro-life door-to-door initiative ever seen in Ireland.

With Life Institute already joined on the Canvass by Youth Defence and more than 30 local pro-life organisations, Family & Life's participation means that the Life Canvass will now be boosted by additional leaders, volunteers and resources. Niamh Uí Bhriain of Life Institute said: "We are delighted to have the skills and experience of the Family & Life team come on board and look forward to accelerating the growth of the Life Canvass together to retain the 8th."

David Manly of Family & Life said the joint effort sought to maximise the effect of the Life Canvass and that "the unity of the pro-life movement is a measure of our determination to protect the 8th Amendment."

The Life Canvass is the only door-to-door canvass on the pro-life issue in the country, and has made significant progress in the past two years. The recent National Life Canvass Day, for example,  had 51 canvass teams with over 600 volunteers speaking to voters on the doorstep and engaging in the topics that most concern them.

The unity that is being achieved is tremendously significant as most pro-life groups are now joined in one united, national effort for the door-to-door canvass which will eliminate duplication. Such a development reduces canvass duplication, increases efficiency and effectiveness and ensures that the canvass benefits from the most experienced and qualified leadership skills available to the pro-life movement.

The Life Canvass is open to all organisations concerned about retaining the 8th amendment and committed to adopting best strategic practices. There is no better campaign alternative in terms of changing hearts and mind than powerful one-to-one personal conversations on the doorsteps.

Committing to the agreement, Family & Life’s founder, David Manly said: “It was impossible to ignore the overwhelming results achieved by the Life Canvass this year.  While our own ground campaign staff have been busy throughout the country, it was glaringly obvious to us that uniting with Life Institute and the other pro-life organisations behind one unified canvass was the only game in town.  We owe it to our supporters to do the right thing and we are confident that they will overwhelmingly support this exciting departure.”

Please also stay tuned for the launch of a MAJOR new tool in the coming weeks that will help us win the referendum.

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