PR: Arrest abortion pill pushers

The abortion bus is pushing illegal drugs that can kill women and babies. They should be arrested

6 March 2017


The Life Institute has said that pro-abortion activists travelling the country looking to tout abortion pills are acting like drug pushers, and that their disregard for the lives of women and babies was callous, reckless and reprehensible. 

Spokeswoman Niamh Uí Bhriain said that senior medical experts had advised that taking abortion pills in an unsupervised setting could kill women, and the abortion bus activists clearly had a reckless disregard for women's lives. That they had no regard for the lives of vulnerable babies was "shocking but unsurprising" she said. 

"These people are acting like drug pushers, hoping to profit from women's fear and desperation in order to push their politcial agenda, and their callous and reckless disregard for the lives of women and babies is reprehensible," she said. 

Ms Uí Bhriain said that Dr Sam Coulter Smith, then Master of the Rotunda, had previously pointed out that women had lost their lives because of unsupervised use of the abortion pill.

She added that, if Gardai found that illegal abortion pills were being distributed, the abortion activists should be arrested. 

"It's interesting that the ROSA activists now seem to have backed away from actually giving out abortion pills, so this whole debacle seems more of a political stunt than any else," she said. "However, if they are, in fact, distributing pills to kill babies and endanger women's lives they should be arrested," 

Ms Uí Bhriain said that the number of Irish women travelling for abortions had fallen significantly – by 45% since 2011 – and that Ireland had a low abortion rate: 5% in contrast to 20% in Britain.

“The extremists in ROSA seem to think this is a bad thing, and are pushing abortion pills. But we should actually welcome this positive progress, and remember that, if we legalise abortion and had the same rate as Britain, we would have 10,000 additional Irish abortions every year. No reasonable or caring person should want more abortions to take place. "

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