PR: Babys rights not mentioned

Life Institute says baby's rights not mentioned once in Oireachtas Committee abortion report 


20 DECEMBER 2017

The Life Institute has said that recommendations to legalise abortion issued in the report of the Oireachtas Committee today were both “cruel and extreme” and would be rejected by the Irish people in the upcoming referendum.   

Spokeswoman Niamh Uí Bhriain said that the past week’s door-to-door canvass had showed them that voters were often appalled by the Committee’s decision to recommend abortion on demand until 12 weeks, and by its proposal to further recommend abortion right up until birth on vague health grounds.   

She also said that the Committee’s report never mentioned the baby’s humanity or right to life once – an omission which showed the mind-set of the majority of its members.   

“I think this Committee has been working in a bubble, where it has only heard from witnesses who affirmed the pro-abortion stance of most members, and these recommendations are the result of that flawed and biased process. After three months of groupthink, the Committee has issued a report about abortion and pregnancy  where the word ‘baby’ appears just once, and the baby is not mentioned at all in a way that recognises the humanity of the child or acknowledges the baby has any rights at all.”   

“This is so contrary to the mind-set of the Irish people that this proposal will fail in the referendum, “ she said.     

She also thanked Mattie McGrath TD, Peter Fitzpatrick TD and Senator Rónán Mullen for speaking truth to power at the Committee and making a minority report available, which acknowledged that abortion kills children hurts women.



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