PR: Poll shows Repeal 8th message has failed

Poll shows that Repeal 8th message has failed

A leading pro-life organisation has said that a second poll on abortion for the Irish Times in four months has showed that the efforts of the Repeal the 8th coalition had failed, and that it was clear that a significant majority of Irish people saw abortion as a bad thing.
Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that it was a credit to the intelligence of the Irish people that the message of Repeal campaign had failed to gain significant support, despite overwhelming media support and massive funding from abroad.
“The poll, and others before it, have shown that the people have seen through the empty slogan of repeal, and realised what it being proposed is the repeal of the right to life of preborn babies. Most Irish people believe that abortion is an inherently bad thing, and this poll is bad news for abortion campaigners, because if they couldn’t swing majority support for repealing the 8th with almost blanket media support and massive funding from abroad, then they are going to lose the referendum,” she said.
The Life Institute spokeswoman said that pro-life activists had been undertaking a nationwide canvass for the past 17 months, and that as the reality of repeal was being explained to voters, more and more people were accepting the importance of protecting both preborn mother and baby in the constitution.  “We’ve reached almost 150,000 homes now, and this massive grassroots effort is what will win continued protection for both mother and baby in any referendum on abortion,” she said.
She sharply criticised the wording of the question asked by the Irish Times on abortion support where the baby has a life-limiting condition, and said that the polling company, Ipsos MRBI, should remember that questions which are framed to prompt an answer do not accurately reflect the opinions of those being polled.
“This question asked whether abortion should be legal when “the foetus will not survive outside the womb” – but the medical literature tell us that this question is nonsense, since there are no conditions where a doctor can say with certainty that the baby will not live outside the womb, and research also tells us that, even with the most serious conditions, such as anencephaly, babies are usually born alive,” she said.


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