PR: Welcome further fall of abortion numbers

Further fall in abortion numbers welcomed as evidence that the 8th is a life-saving measure


13 JUNE 2017

The Life Institute has welcomed a further fall in the number of Irish women travelling to Britain for abortion, as figures released by the British Department of Health showed those figures declining again - from 3,451 in 2015 to 3,265 in 2016.

Niamh Uí Bhriain said that it was obvious that better support and a more open and compassionate approach to unexpected pregnancies enabled women to see through the fear and panic which most often leads to abortion, while new technologies and social media had also put the humanity of the baby beyond doubt.

“Every reasonable person, and every person of goodwill, should welcome a fall in the number of abortions, so this is good news,” said Ms Uí Bhriain. 

“It also underlines the importance of the 8th amendment as a life-saving measure which has led to Ireland offering a better answer than abortion to women in crisis, and that’s something Irish people should be proud of.”   

“The figures released today show that, in Britain, the number of abortions remain shockingly high – one in 5 babies are aborted before birth there – while repeat abortions, the percentage of women who had a previous abortion, is at 38%, which is very disturbing given what we know about the harm abortion causes to women,” she continued. 

“We can also see that, in the past 5 years, abortion on disability grounds has increased by 39%, which is desperately sad.”   

“Ireland has a choice to make: save the 8th and keep reducing the number of abortions, or repeal the right to life and see the shocking abortion regime that Britain now endures,” the Life Institute spokeswoman concluded.    


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