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  • 4 hours of your time, for just 13 weeks, is the difference between life and death.

4 hours of your time, for just 13 weeks, is the difference between life and death.

With only 13 weeks left until the referendum I’m writing to you now to ask that you put yourself forward, if you can, and volunteer with us to save the 8th.

We’re asking you to give between just 2 and 4 hours a week to stop abortion being legalised – that’s a maximum of 42 hours to win this referendum, and save so many lives. Isn’t that worth just 42 hours of your time?

While abortion campaigners have been sitting on their laurels, letting the media and the politicians do their work for them,  we have been going out, week after week, in massive numbers, directly to the public in their homes and on the streets. So far we have canvassed over 220,000 homes, with plans to canvass 480,000 more before the referendum, but we need YOUR help to make sure it happens.

We have 1,000 volunteers a week now, all over Ireland, bringing people the true story about abortion, the 8th amendment, and the damage that accepting a culture of abortion causes.

But we need to get another 500 new volunteers, as quickly as we possibly can, to ensure we have all of the 1,500 volunteers we need to make absolutely sure we hit our target and can canvass 700,000 homes before a vote is cast in this referendum. Because it won’t be the media who decides which side will win this fight, and it certainly won’t be the politicians, it will be the side who can best show their passion and belief in their cause through the volunteers and supporters who go out and have conversations with the ordinary man and woman on the street who will decide who wins this fight.

Volunteering will only take as little as 2 and at most just 4 hours of your time a week, and we would ask everyone who is thinking of volunteering with us, or who was planning to volunteer for us later, to turn thought that into action and click on the ‘Volunteer’ option below. If you do so we will train you, we will inform you, and we will give you everything you need to succeed, and you will know that your time is making a real difference to the lives of Irish citizens and the outcome of the referendum.

That’s only 42 hours - at most - between now and the end of May. Only 42 hours over 13 weeks when the average Irish adult watches 24 hours of TV a week! 42 hours that could be the difference between Ireland as it is and Ireland as it becomes like Britain, between a country that recognises the rights of the unborn to life, and a country in which 20% of all pregnancies end in abortion, a country in which 90% of babies diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome will be aborted due to their disability, a country in which their very hospitals have been shown to burn the remains of babies for fuel, a country which is being devastated by a culture of abortion.

None of us want to see the referendum lost by the slimmest of margins and to have to say to ourselves ‘If only I had volunteered like I planned to, if only I had donated when I could, if only I had done slightly more, we would have won’. Volunteer now, if you can, and together we will save the 8th. We will do everything we can now, so that we never have to say that we only did nearly enough.




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