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Liberalising law on termination will affect surgery waiting lists in maternity units

Repealing the 8th will increase waiting Times in Maternity Units.

This week senior health officials revealed that any liberalisation of abortion in this country will increase pressure on our already barely functioning healthcare system, meaning that expectant mothers, and likely the general public, will have to wait longer for their procedures so that surgical abortions can be carried out within the time limits the Government will set. And this at a time when the HSE has said that not all pregnant women can now get access to an anomaly scan at 20 weeks!

So the government now plans to ask citizens to remove all rights from the unborn in the womb, bring in abortion on demand, fund that abortion through general taxation so that you’ll have the pleasure of knowing your tax money is directly being used to kill the unborn, and, as an extra kicker, you’ll get to endure longer hospital waiting times whilst they’re at it. Maybe when the Government eventually decides to kick the limit on abortion up to 24 weeks, or up to birth, they’ll tell us they have to do it because it’ll cut down on hospital waiting lists!

What we are seeing here is the naked leading the blind, politicians that have no idea what they’re doing, and who yet believe that the public should trust them to decide who is human and who is not quite human enough to protect, when the unborn are children and when they are merely a clump of cells to be disposed of should it prove inconvenient, being backed by pro-abortion groups that see 12 weeks as the beginning of the fight for abortion on demand, not the end.

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