PR: Court ruling protest

PR: Pro-aborts outnumbered in protests


Ireland's leading pro-life activists have reported that in a weekend of abortion protests following a ruling of the European Court of Human Rights, pro-life protestors have out numbered abortion supporters by ten to one. The protests were sparked by the Court's ruling in the ABC case which sought to overturn Ireland's ban on abortion.

N_Ezine_ABC Protest - Protest at Court Decision

The case was sponsored by the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) who failed to get the court to agree that abortion was a human right. However the Court decided that the Irish Constitution granted a 'right' to abortion - a ruling described as "invasive and legally unsound" by Youth Defence last week.

"In order to protest the IFPA's attempt to get a foreign court to overturn Ireland's pro-life laws we called a protest at their Dublin headquarters last Saturday. With just one day's notice almost 200 people showed up. What was really interesting was that a counter protest in support of abortion was organised by a coalition of abortion campaigners including the Labour Party. They managed to get out a grand total of 15 people - outnumbered at least 10 to 1 by pro-lifers," said Rebecca Roughneen of Youth Defence.

Ms Roughneen said that after about 10 minutes spent screaming into megaphones the pro-aborts left, their shouting drowned out by the pro-life protest. Youth Defence continued a weekend of pro-life activity with a Christmas Vigil on Dublin's O'Connell Street, despite the freezing weather.

"The Vigil attracted a lot of support from shoppers," said Ms Roughneen. "At one stage there was a chorus of car horns beeping in support of the pro-life message."

However the Youth Defence spokeswoman warned that "powerful and well-funded abortion campaigners were determined to use their Irish political and media allies to force legalised abortion on Ireland." She said that the ABC case was being used to deliberately confuse legitimate medical treatment with abortion. "The IFPA and their allies are working hard to spread the lie that abortion is needed to save women's lives - when the truth is that, with our ban on abortion, Irish women can get all necessary medical treatment when they are pregnant," said Ms Roughneen adding that the United Nations had revealed that Ireland is the safest place in the world for a woman to have a baby.

"We're going to need a huge push to spell out the truth about the difference between abortion and legitimate medical treatment," said Ms Roughneen. "We're asking for support and prayers as never before."

Earlier this year Youth Defence tackled the issue in a newspaper advertising campaign which explained why treatment for ectopic pregnancy and cancer did not target the unborn child and was not considered to be an abortion by top medical professionals. That campaign can be seen here.

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