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PR: Politicians cannot be trusted with the abortion laws – Save the 8th

Save the 8th, the campaign against the repeal of the 8th amendment, issued the following statement in response to the Government’s decision on holding an abortion referendum. Campaign Spokeswoman Niamh Ui Bhrian said:

“Tonight, the transformation is complete. Four years ago, Leo Varadkar said that he was “pro-life in that I accept that the unborn child is a human life with rights.” Tonight, he is campaigning to remove those rights from the constitution, and to eliminate the right to life up to 12 weeks. If he has come this far in four years, where will he be four years from now?

In 2011, Simon Harris begged pro-life voters to help him get elected. Today, he is the cheerleader-in-chief for abortion. When he has come this far, so quickly, how can voters trust that he will not move again?

This is an extreme proposal that places the rights of the unborn in the hands of fickle and poll-driven politicians. The public are not voting for an abortion law just for 2018, but for 2028, 2038, and beyond. If this proposal is passed, we will never be given a say over the rights of the unborn again, because politicians will have nobody to answer to except an avowedly pro-abortion media.

When the public come to see this proposal for what it is, it will be rejected. But that it is even being proposed is a dark day for our republic.”


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