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Support for abortion proposal slips in polls as our campaign intensifies

Recent polls have shown a significant increase in the number of people opposed to abortion on demand following the launch of the SAVE the 8th new billboard campaign, and the increase in the reach of the Life Canvass.

The Sunday Times B&A poll released this week put support for abortion on demand up to three months at just 43%, with those opposed at 35% and those unsure at 22%. Two weeks ago RedC was reporting that 51% of those polled supporting abortion on demand up to three months, with 27% of voters opposed and 22% undecided. That’s a 16% swing away from abortion in just two weeks! While there is no room for complacency, we should know that we can win this referendum and Save the 8th!

Figure 1: Sunday Times B&A February 2018 Poll

This confirms what we’ve seen on the streets, and what you’ve been telling us has been happening on the Life Canvass, that as voters become informed about what they’re voting on, and what kind of abortion regime it would create, about what it would mean for women and for the unborn, they are turning against ‘repeal’ in significant numbers. The fact that the proposal will effectively mean abortion on demand has started to become clear to the man and woman on the street, the fact that ‘repeal’ does not mean ‘trusting women’, but giving power to politicians to decide who lives and who dies, to decide who is human and who is not quite human enough to be worth protecting, is becoming absolutely clear to the public.

The pro-abortion side is consistently polling as substantially below the level seen in the same-sex marriage referendum, and in fact they’re polling at a worse level than the losing side in the Seanad referendum were at this point. They are on track to lose this referendum.

But the pro-aborts have the media helping them, they have the political parties helping them, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars of foreign funding at their disposal; they have all of the structural advantages on their side, and so we can’t get complacent, we cannot assume they’re just going to let us win. They have already started pushing back, and we need to be as strong as possible before they start putting all of their efforts against us. If we stand tall, keep talking to people on the ground, and keep working, we will win. If we let ourselves get distracted or convince ourselves it’s inevitable we will win, we will lose.

We’ve done so much already, with all of your help, with your donations of time and money, and the path to saving the eight is clear to us and we are well on our way, but there is still so much more for us to do before voting begins. Together, we will Save the 8th, and together, we will ensure that Ireland is a country that cherishes all children equally, now and forever.




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