Contact Your TD

Write, Email or Phone Your TD

A simple guide regarding your TD: It is better to visit him/her at his clinic than a phonecall, a phonecall is better than a letter, a letter is better than an email. But the most important thing is that you do make your views known to your TD, if they don't  hear from constituents, they think its a dead issue.

Suggested procedures for phoning your local politicians

  1. When you ring your local politicians, you may not get to speak to them on your first call. You may be asked to leave a message. Don't be deterred; your TD will ring you back.
  2. If he / she doesn't ring you back, ring him / her again. During holiday periods it is possible that your TD may not be keeping regular office hours, but keep trying.
  3. Introduce yourself, say where you live and state that you are a constituent
  4. Tell him/her that you are absolutely opposed to the abortion legislation which was passed in July 2013. That the experts evidence in the first hearings and second hearings is overwhelmingly on the side of life. You want this Act to be repealed.
  5. Tell him/her that you do not want any futher liberalisation of abortion laws
  6. After a week, follow up your first call and recruit others
  7. News item on the campaign on contacting your TD's